Personalise learning and see improvement
in 4 weeks!

Students have been shown to improve by up to a grade level after
20 hours of using Gradely

for Primary & Secondary students

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How it works

Gradely uses technology to implement Mastery Learning (Benjamin Bloom, 1984)
by creating unique learning paths for each student.

Adaptive Assessment

Student takes practice to identify
learning gaps

Recommended Video Lessons

Watches recommended video lessons

Better Results

Watches recommended video lessons

Targeted 1-on-1 Tutor Sessions

Takes recommended tutoring in specific topics

for parents

Help them use Gradely to gain mastery of difficult subject topics by daily practice on recommended tests, video lessons and tutor sessions anywhere, anytime.

For Schools

Make your schooling more efficient with the best free tools and content in one Learning Management System (LMS), online or offline.

For Teachers

Create an easier and more effective teaching experience for you and your students with the right tools and resources, online or offline.

Over 3000 fun and interactive video lessons
across all topics

Learn or relearn your subject topics with our library of well illustrated pre-
recorded video lessons in core subjects.

Basic Science For Kids


Science For Kids

Water Sanitation

Data for kids

Counting with Tally marks

Grammar for kids


Alphabet For kids

ABC Song

Basic Science

Types of soil

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